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Worried For App Uninstall? Follow These Points

Posted by Techugo on January 17 2019, 05:21am

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Worried For App Uninstall? Follow These Points

App store is brimming with numbers of mobile apps having the same functionalities and features. The competition is tough between these apps, and each app is striving to beat other and stand first in the race. Actually, this doesn't end on app download. Basically, the true competition is retaining users to the apps.

What happens generally? People download apps and use them once or twice, after that they either uninstall the app or forget about it. There can be numbers of reasons for this. Generally, slower app landing, crash, and ineffectiveness in UI are the reasons for app uninstall.

However, experts believe with stringent strategies the problem of app uninstall can be resolved. Indeed, you invest important assets in app development, and if it doesn't achieve desired goal, it can make you worry. Though, the main question is how you can avoid the app uninstalls. Actually, prevention of app uninstall can be done by following price strategies. In addition, by maintaining app standard you can prevent app uninstalls.

Here are some points that you must consider to prevent your app uninstalls.

1. Perform critical analytics and Identify major drop-offs

Clever analytics can help you understand the basic cause of app uninstall. With this, you can recognize what is ticking off your user. To diagnose the basic problem at initial level you can use mapping in-app KPI's, it enables you to comprehend that where your user is being disengaged.

Check 'on-boarding processes' and monitor app updates, it can happen that users might be facing a problem in using your app, or registration may be taking more time. Cut-off those drop offs, and makes your app experience smooth for businesses.

2. Keep Improving Keep Updating

You must comprehend that your app should not only be useful but also it should be faster, free of bugs and offer more value than the other apps in the niche. So, keep updating your app and add better functionalities and UI to appease user.

Now, popular applications getting updated frequently and serve users more ease and attractive features. Actually, updating enhances the app and makes it stand in the competition. Besides, with new look and feel and great features, you can engage users in the app for a long time.

3. Provide offers and incentives to dormant users

Most of the users, switch to sleep mode after installing the app, Yes ! they download the app and don't come to it again. Besides, there are numbers of apps available in the respective app store, so users keep downloading the other app and forget about your app. In such scenarios, providing offers and incentive can invite such users to your app. To boost user engagement, this is a very powerful strategy that is being utilized by app owners.

By personalizing offers, you can grab the attention of users to your app and get them back to your app.

4. Ask for Feedback and implement

You cannot measure all flaws of your app, because your and user's perspective about the app will different, always. To understand the trending needs of users and flaws of your app, you must ask for feedback. With feedback, you can identify the weak points of your app and make changes. It is important to implement feedback because it shows the credibility of your brand.

5. Implement Desired Functionalities

Currently, users want high-grade mobile apps with modern functionalities such as low battery usage, attractive emojis, file sharing window and more. These not just provide ease to users, but also keep them engaged. In addition, if you are channeling adds in your app, then make sure to post highly relevant adds.

Besides, add value in the push notification. All of these points will help you in maintaining the quality of the app and retain users on the app. At Techugo, we help app owners to achieve a mobile app with desired functionalities and features. Owing to our expertise in different programming languages, we are trusted Android and iOS app development company. Our developers ensure to update apps timely to keep your app fresh. We utilize modern technologies to provide great strength in mobile apps. To get your mobile app developed and updated, get in touch with our experts.


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